Stainless Steel Terminal Box / Junction Box Ex e Explosionproof

Enclosure seri ESX / CSA-X
Box Terminal / Junction Box Explosionproof seri ESX / CSA X biasanya dipasang di pabrik-pabrik industri, Kilang, Petrochemical dengan potensi atmosfer berbahaya dari gas dan debu yang mudah terbakar, dan karena itu diklasifikasikan sebagai Zona 1 - 2 - 21 - 22
Box Terminal / Junction Box Explosionproof ini terutama digunakan dengan fungsi:
Persambungan kabel dari lapangan  ke ruang kontrol, untuk sinyal sinyal analogic dan / atau sinyal digital akhir / atau mengukur sinyal melalui termocouples dengan sinyal 4 ÷ 20 mA dll dll
Sinyal barriers dan / atau sinyal transposisi dari lapangan untuk mengontrol ruangdengan Field-Bus; Mod-Bus dan ProFiI-Bus
Sistem kontrol dan Starting peralatan seperti motor, fan, pompa dll dll 
Sistem untuk mendeteksi parameter aliran, level, tekanan, temperatur,
arus, tegangan, frekuensi, kecepatan kontrol dll.

Spesification in English     :
Type of Protection             : II 2 GD Ex e II T5 or Ex ia IIB/IIC T5 or Ex e [ia] IIB/IIC T5 T100°C Tcable 85°C for ambient temperature from –40°C up to +55°C 
Technical data
These enclosures are made of stainless steel AISI 316L. The cover are fastened by means of antiloosening stainlewss stell screws, with cylindrical head and screwdriver cut. The fixing to wall of such enclosures is obtained to mean of holes on the fund of the same enclosure with the purpose to allow an easy assemblage of it. The terminal blocks, on special guide omega end/or DIN, are applicable on inside plate (on request) in electrolytic galvanized steel (Sendzimir). The enclosures have internal and external stainlesssteel earth stud,provided with antiloosening split washer, to allow thr connection of a conductor up to 35 sqmm of cross section to the connection at equipotential earthing plant system. The enclosures can be supplied (on request) also with removable flanges and hinges with special key lock.
Accessories and special execution on request
• Special hardware in stainless steel AISI 316 A4 

• Set of nut and basket for restoration of the IP66 degree of protection 
• ANSI B.20.1 NPT or GK UNI 6125 adapters with metric 
• Unified joining flange for various enclosures, inclusive of gaskets for IP 66
degree of protection and stainless steel Inox AISI 316L fixing screws. 

• Stainless steel internal plate
• Insulation material internal plate 
• Passing earthing bolt
• Hinges Hubs
• Passing holes, suitable for ISO 261 / ISO 965 Normalized Metric thread